• It is The BMS's V K Krishna Menon Academy and Brio e-Tech College of Science, Commerce and Arts. pleasure to recall the alumni of our school. The first batch of SSC 2014-15 had 6 students, which included toppers like Kartik.C, Mohit Sheth and Akash Narella.
  • The second batch of 2015-2016 had 7 students as the school was in the budding stage. The toppers of this batch were Alay Shah, Pranav Jadhav and Aditi Jaiswal.
  • The third batch of 2016-17 consisted of 13 students. The toppers of this batch were Samdarsh Mistry, Minal Gohil and Rani Sagar.
  • The fourth batch of 2017-18 again saw a steady rise in the number of students. It had 16 students with Pratham Kamerkar, Khushbu Kumavat and Khushi Pandey as the toppers.
  • The fifth batch of 2018-19 had still more students than the previous year i.e. 21 students. The special thing about this batch was having 2 first-rankers - Aman Tiwari and Sumit Mishra. Followed by Harsh.Ohal and Nishant Aswani.
  • We find immense joy to recall and relive the amazing and heart warming experience that the teachers and the staff share with our beloved ex-students of V K Krishna Menon Academy.