The BMS's V K Krishna Menon Academy and Brio e-Tech College of Science, Commerce and Arts. is an English medium co-educational Institution, which includes Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Sr. Secondary and Junior College of Science and Arts.

The curriculum focuses on the holistic approach and excellence in quality education. The well-structured and organized subjects lay a foundation for the enrichment of the understanding and application of the knowledge in the society.

The school and College are affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. The Curriculum is dedicated to work towards Continuous assessment and evaluation to contribute strong pillars for the successful nation. It provides a learner to built an eco-friendly environment which will further create a positive impact in the future.


Learning To Achieve!

The Secondary Curriculum emphasizes on the knowledge-based and application-based topics. The theory is well represented in the form of class activities like brain storming sessions, debates, role plays, group discussions, case studies, presentations, etc. to enhance critical and creative thinking within the child.

Hands-on-training and direct teaching- learning process through experimentation, field visits and excursions to research Institutes and places to explore the flora and fauna of that particular habitat correlating with daily life. We focus on extracting the hierarchy of knowledge from basic simple to complex level of learning through theory and practical.

The Curriculum involves Extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities where students can volunteer and be a part of Student Council and Programs.

  • Assessments: Formative and Summative
  • Projects
  • Vocabulary development
  • Class tests
  • Personality development


TThe school helps the students in guidance and counseling through a Counsellor.

Counselling connects teachers and parents through the children, which serve the academic and social understanding of the students. Remedial classes are conducted for students who face difficulties in academics. Psycho-educational assessments are applicable when the information pertaining to the child needs more specification.

All the activities are constantly monitored and collaborating with the parents and teachers. Teachers are the keystones of facilitating knowledge and values in an Institution. They are the guide of the students towards the pathway of success in global perspectives. Effective Communication is the essential element to understand the child in a better way. The Counsellor conducts child, parents and teachers counselling in the school.

Rules for Promotion to Std. X (SSC)

A minimum of 75% attendance has to maintained in each semester.

A student must get 35% marks in every subject for passing.

Grace marks cannot be used to avail combined passing provision.

Continuous Evaluation is monitored both through Formative and Summative Assessments.

Formative Assessments includes Languages, Math, Science and Social Studies, which can be implemented as part of Integrated teaching.

Summative Assessment includes the overall performance of the student at the end of each term, which highlights the inputs of the teacher and the parent. Grades are assigned on the basis of both Formative and Summative Assessments at the end of the academic year.



The library is a resource to students which fulfils the theoretical and practical knowledge supported by facts, evidences and research.

The library is a treasure of reference books pertaining to different subjects, newsletters, periodicals, magazines and articles which the students can refer to inculcate excellence in education.

Books are issued with proper issue date and return date as per the interest of the reader.

The School librarian guides the students to find the book and helps the students to be comfortable.

We are still trying to get more books of interest, e-journals so that students can utilize them for research and projects.



Sports is a perfect blend of outdoor and indoor games, which enhances physical health of a child and refreshes the mind to create a positive impact on the intellectual ability of the child.

We have a treasure of achievements brought by our students at district and state level in diverse categories, namely The school accomplishes in cricket tournaments by providing proper training and guidance by our recognized coaches.